Seriously Casual PvP Oriented Guild

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    • Seriously Casual PvP Oriented Guild


      We may have “casual” in our guild name, but make no mistake, we are a force to be reckon with!
      We are looking for players with Albion Online experience or above average level of gaming skills.
      We have a laid-back community with no mandatory content whatsoever. Do what is fun for you, and join whenever you please. We are focused mainly on PvP content.
      We have experienced and veteran players that build the core of the guild and we are able to consistently hold a top 100 ranking in weekly guild PvP fame (usually top 75) with only 15 members currently. We are looking to keep it small scale and relaxed.

      What we can provide as a guild to you:
      - 0% Tax
      - Dungeon Diving content
      - Hellgates, both 2v2 and 5v5
      - Ganking
      - Faction Warfare PvP
      - Market Advice for making silver
      - Occasional Fame Farming

      - English speaker
      - Discord + Microphone
      - 20 million PVP fame + 40 million PVE fame

      Please join the discord link below and post in #welcome channel if interested

      -* APPLY HERE *-

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