Bug in initial mission (Mule)

    • Bug in initial mission (Mule)

      Good Morning!
      I am very happy to return to this game after a long time. I was a PC player, but now I have returned as an Android player on my tablet. I had to start with a new character again. was one of those who bought the game when it came out, they have given me 30 days of free Premium and other things. All of that is great, but I can't get my mule in the initial mission. I don't know if it's bug or what happens, but the NPC that should give me the mission for the mule appears with an exclamation but only gives me reminders, no mission with reward.

      What I can do?

      Thank you.
    • Hey there,

      it sounds like you're in one of the Cross Towns already; the NPC you're referring to gives a quest and also has these reminders if you want to have a look at the basic mechanics again. Hence, the exclamation mark will not disappear after completing his mission.

      Before the Free to Play Release, we completely overhauled the tutorial, which is now a separate instance every new character can experience. You will receive your Mule and first equipment there.
      When you create a new character, you can choose to play the tutorial at the bottom. An already created character can not play it unfortunately, neither can you go back to it after completing it.

      If you're not that far yet with your new character, it may make sense that you play the tutorial properly. You can delete the character and create a new one with the same name, just have to be sure to enable Play Tutorial at the bottom of the creating screen before entering the world.