Claws Can we please just nerf them already

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    • Claws Can we please just nerf them already

      For the love of god , why do claws stack on each other with no diminishing returns. Do you know how brain dead ez ganking in this game currently is with 20 plus people with claws. Its already bad enough that ganking n longer requires skill. Now we have to look forward to nonsense like getting chained and clawed over and over again with no counter play . And with the abundance of purges everywhere now u cant run away , u cant go invis , ur literally fucked the moment one claw touches you. If this is what this player base dreams as healthy , then im almost certain this game will never be popular and reach it s potential. And now we have to deal with Avalonian mobs on top of all this bullshit , and now gank groups have to be even bigger. it is literally impossible to play this game solo or in small groups right now, and I fear silly shit like this will continue to go un addressed.

      I keep making the mistake of thinking this is an actual pvp game. But in fact its not. Point and click overlapping abilities like claws is just mind blowing to me.Like get real SBI. And for the love of god at the very least add some form of diminishing returns to the shit .
    • You are correct Acoustic that a group of claws players will easily die to any normal other group setup. However they also know this so just never take group fights. Hence the main issue with ganking they can easily kill outnumbered opponents with little escape counterplay available on the targets side (I agree with cleric robe however that typically gets purged right away) while also easily just dipping if any other group runs by.

      That is why the increased trash rates driven by highly unbalanced fight ratios is the only way to "solve" zerg ganking. As long as rewards are decent with next to no risk this will be a popular activity for average players.

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