A Tale of a Noble Man

    • A Tale of a Noble Man

      Chapter 1: His Beginning

      "Don't worry about me, my child, I'll be alright. We will get through this together." Those were the last words my mother has spoken to me. She smiled at me with her unwavering show of strength, it was gentle yet strong. After that, she fell asleep and never woke up. At that time, I cried in frustration as I clutched the few coins in my tiny hands. The coins that I desperately worked for...It wasn't enough to save my mother. The doctors all refused to help us.

      My mother has always been sickly ever since I could remember. We worked hard day and night so we could eat and have a place to call home. I picked up herbs in the forest of a nearby mountain and tried to make ointment for my mother's back and shoulder. After various tries over a few months, I finally made an ointment that has positive effects. It was enough to relieve my mother's growing pain. At the time, my mother always praised me and told me that I was a smart kid. She would emphasize that it's great and that I shouldn't waste it by not working hard. Working hard was something my mother taught me well. To never give up no matter what.

      My father left us when I was born. i caught my mother crying at the table and looking at a letter once. But then, after a few moments, her eyes shimmered and it looked determine. She crumpled the paper up and threw it away. I was curious so I picked it up from the trash and read it. It was a letter that my father had left behind when he left us. It said that he couldn't be part of this family and that he can't raise a child. I realized that my father had been a coward. I became bitter and angry but the next day, my mother smiled at me and told me to do my chores. My mother valued hard work and always showed fierce tenacity. She never gave up on me. She never ran away. She faced her responsibilities head on. I had no time to worry about a father that was never here. All I can do at the time was take care of my mother as best I could.

      After my mother died, I was kicked out of our home and became homeless. But instead of begging alms in the streets, I tried to find work. I did many jobs to get by. I always saved the few coins that I could and I would sneak inside the barber shop after closing to keep out from the cold.

      I stumbled upon a school while looking for odd jobs. After that, I would peek inside one of the classrooms to listen to the lectures of the teachers. School was interesting, I learned a lot of things there. I wanted to try and attend one if I could.

      One time, an interesting subject was being discussed. It was about the legends of Albion. The land was full of rich resources but with it danger and death would await those who were brave enough to thread it.

      The teacher continued "Long long ago, Albion was a land full of magic and sorcery. There were giants that roamed the lands, dragons in the sky, dire beasts in the forests, gigantic snakes in the swamps, undead walked the surface, and evil witches in every corner. The dragons ruled Albion as they were the most powerful and mighty creatures of the land. They ruled the sky, land, and sea. Humans that lived there struggled to survive. They live in simple tribes and avoided danger that lurked the land. The fearsome dragons had a destructive nature. The humans discovered that they can attune themselves with magic. They called themselves druids."

      The teacher smiled for a moment and spoke "The druids made a truce with the giants and they were able to flourish with them. The greater giants and the elder druids casted a strong spell against the dragons forcing them to sleep. The destroyed lands naturally recovered over time. The humans and the giants guarded the dragon's resting place and they named themselves Albion's Keepers."

      "One day, a young druid was born, he was called a prophet and had the gift of clairvoyance. His name was Merlyn and he had a vision that a red powerful dragon would awaken and once again conquer Albion. He instructed his tribe to unite the other tribes so that they can defend their land once more. The witches, a fairly vigorous tribe, joined Merlyn and together they forged Excalibur, born of steel and magic. They gifted all the lesser tribes magical weapons and metal armor. Soon after, the knights were created. Among the most powerful of knights, Uther stand above the rest, he was given Excalibur and was named king. They ruled Albion from the castle named Camelot, supported by Merlyn and Morgana, the leader of the witches. They prospered but it did not last long until Dauthir, the red dragon, rose up from his slumber and commanded the lesser dragons to attack Camelot." The teacher kept going.

      "The epic battle turned the sky black for three days. When victory was in sight, King Uther sacrficed himself to give the killing blow to Dauthir. Ending the battle with a powerful blast. The death of King Uther brought confusion among the knights. Merlyn searched for an illegitimate child while Morgana suggested that her son should be the king. They didn't see eye to eye and argued day and night. Merlyn had enough and stole Excalibur, giving it to Arthur who then ruled all of Albion. Furious at this betrayal, Morgana called upon the demons and unleashed them onto the land to oppose Merlyn. The great war continued for decades. They were evenly matched and Merlyn learnt of a powerful spell that would break Excalibur but needed hundreds of sacrifice. He then used it, forming a magical mist around the land and sacrificing King Arthur and the rest of the knights to end the war to peace to Albion once more. Morgana was dragged by the demons to hell. Realizing that her doom was imminent, Morgana ordered a high priestess to flee and bring both the trove of knowledge along with her newborn child. However, Merlyn vanished, never to be seen again." The teacher finishes and closed his book, dismissing the class after telling them about their homework.

      Millennia has passed and finally the mist was fading and the king sent criminals to explore the land first. Fifteen years later, Albion was declared safe enough for civilians and Dreciel had been saving up silver ever since he heard the mist was lifting. It was the time for me to venture into the sea and seek my purpose and fortune. With it, I will build my own clinic and save the lives of the people who cannot protect themselves.

      "Not to worry mother, I'll do my best to save as many lives as I can. I will never let what happened to you happen to someone else as long as I'm around." Dreciel laughed to himself as the ship sailed towards Albion.

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