Any plans on reworking some Nature Staffs E ?

    • Any plans on reworking some Nature Staffs E ?

      As title says, pretty each Holy can be Viable (not all being the meta), right know, with the healing debuffs.

      With the GvG rework and gvg being focused on 20 guys, the only "Viable" staff is Fallen (For ZvZ).
      Huge healing, Cleanse, And not permanent stacking of healing debuff.

      Rampant: Not being viable because its long cd and stacking debuff healing as hell.
      Blight: Would like to have a rework on this one, at least the area should be x2 and heal up to 10 guys, if not more. (current blight you have to be in the middle of the fight, which means, you get focused, you are death as a healer)
      Wild Staff: I don't even know why this E is in the game, Blight does the same and better work and its mobile. (fallen does a much better job)