Question/Suggestion regarding Claws (and also cleric cowl)

    • Question/Suggestion regarding Claws (and also cleric cowl)

      Hello out there for you bandits and robbers that enjoy using the claw as a catch weapon.
      I'm an avid player of albion online since free to play and I also stream my gameplay at, some of you might know me somehow.

      I've been wondering some things about the claw and I'd like to put those in question since I feel like the claw has been ONLY useful as a ganking weapon, not having much space in other types of pvp like small scale fights in 5v5 gates or 2v2 even, not only that but the claw limits itself to the root as a dismounting build (I know claw + mage + hellion can burst someone's mount AND HEALTH but that's not my point here)

      The thing is: in the description of the claw Disembowl ability it clearly states it will remove any SHIELD the target has on them, yet, the Everlasting Spirit SHIELD from cleric robe is not removed. The tooltip in cleric robe specifically says that you are immune to dmg while the SHIELD lasts, using these words.

      Also, going a bit further, I do think that Cleric Cowl should also fit the description of something claws _should_ remove, and here's why: In disembowl description it also states clearly that it will interrupt any cast/channel, and cleric cowl is a channel after all... I mean, it's not the dmg that interrupts spellcasting since when people have everlasting spirit on them and you're disembowling them they still can't cast, so the interrupting part is not a consequence of the dmg but of the disembowl itself.
      And since we are on the subject of the cleric cowl, I do feel it is a bit overpowered since it got the buff where it can be used while stunned or silenced, making it simply uncounterable, If someone pops cleric cowl you have no other option than to just give up hitting them for the time it is active, it may not be a big deal in big scale fights but in small scale fights (2v2's mostly) it is, it can simply kill any combo and reset before the combo is also reseted. So, I may add that I think not only cleric cowl should be interrupted by disembowl but maybe by ALL the abilities that interrupt spell casting, since cleric cowl is a channeled skill after all.

      Urging for the devs to answer me on this, even tho I think they wont.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      i dont think every wep should excel in every playstyle

      every wep branch has a wep that fits in some activity... for daggers in HGs and competitive play, it's BH or BL (possibly even dual daggers)
      I do agree with you
      maybe I shouldn't adress that question in the post at all, my main concerns are about the description of the Disembowl skill and how much it is accurate. The skill says it removes shields, but will not remove frost shield, fire shield, purge shield, immune shield, basically it removes scholar cowl's shield and divine staff's hahahha maybe arcane shield it also removes but I never tested it.

      Anyway, I do think that It would be nice for every weapon to have multiple scenarios where it can be used efficiently, I don't want claws to be used in every scenario possible, but I feel like it is a weapon for dismounting only hahaha and one-handed frost staff does it as good as claws basically