The Quest to find non Zerg PvP Action

    • The Quest to find non Zerg PvP Action

      As most days if i play, i checked my partner, to enter hellgates.

      2 was there, so we did Hellgates.

      But after running the 100. Circle it felt..boring as fuck...

      Most of the builds there today, was Double rat builds, Warbow kites, one shots, Spear kites.
      At least spear kite was something new, interesting expensive build, 2 x cultist, 2 x heron, of course group heal equiped aka guardian helmet

      If you about to win, they run away from you in circle, if you about to loose you run away and they after you..
      Boring as fuck, to be honest in my eyes..

      So, i though i want some Solo PvP Action, and solo means same as SRD, i go solo and try get fights up to 1 on 3..

      I searched in Anglia in 4 T6 zones for 2 hours, i found one bloodletter. Fight was dramatic challening, It could not win, so it poped soup, and ran just in a line dasing and E-ing through the dungeon.,..Me fully commited and excited after it...just to see, that the soup heals him up as expected giving him a 100 % granted free walk away

      At least, that was ( did not know that yet) my PvP highlight of the evening.

      Later i found 4 Kittys that got interested in my T3 horse, but i seemed too strong, thats why they called a blob. They all run after me, but they could not catch with the Kittys my trusty T3 horse. Additional the Avaloninans intercepted and oneshotted and dismounted some of them...
      I finally entered a group dungeon, in hope to get a more matched out fight with them, but they did not feel like entering a dungeon with me...

      At least, i saw some red tags...

      Then i entered another T6 zone, and got the message "relic locker has apeared"..wau i think, i might find non zerg people there...

      Indeed, there is a red..I dismount and engage, to see, someone was doing it with his alt as a L2 Free to play geared guy...T2 gear..oh well..but he looted locker
      So i mercily kill that poor T2 guy, just to see, that the gods of war hated slaying this alt..and everything but the T2 gear trashed..

      So i loot his mule..

      2 hours of my life in absolute boredoom in this game...go back hellgate and run in circles or search on???

      To be continued...

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    • Yeah man the only solo that exists is solo red zone dungeon diving in T7 red zones. And yep the penalty we get for constantly fighting outnumbered is to have to spend a couple hours fame farming in those same dungeons to get rep back! Only solo you see in black zone is gatherers and who wants to chase around dashing BLs all day. Not to mention it is not even a real fight.
    • Contributing what you put, walked for 2 hours today and could not get a 1x1 pvp, found gankers, were in 3, i tried to fight them, but only agreed to fight when the rest of the pt arrived, so 7x1 decided to fight. I just backed away.
      Finally, just to contribute your arguments, I will attach an image to see the quality of the pvp solo found in SRD.
      • pvpdiario.png

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    • I used to get a lot of solo PVP in Stonetop Sink when Roaming Mob FF was top thing to do for solo (and almost matched static group dungeon fame)...

      so we need:

      1) Again OW content with high tier zones, like t7-t8 (hoping that Queen will bring equal access too that, as my guild is now based in Anglia = no good content for me)
      2) Good OW fame farms, so that players can get good fame in OW compared to dungeons...
    • Good point on OW faming on those roaming mobs Captain. Many months ago that was a ton of fun getting into solo fights over those mobs. Sadly it is going to be even worse instead of better in that regard after Queen as they are currently set to reduce fame on T7 mobs. It just feels like the big alliance portion of the game just logs in for castles/warcamps and then just log off. The black OW is either massive groups or nothing. That means there is just not enough worthwhile content available to keep people interested.
    • Not true, I am so hyped to watch the healer view in large ZvZ fights.

      It is really thrilling to see the red tags at the border of the screen moving and I get excited if I see a tank appear on my screen edge jumping in..

      And the cool running if we all boost our boots if we run away or chase feels like the crushing feet of an army..

      I cannot understand if you look at twitch streams that so many players watch solo players gvgs or hellgates, as this would be interesting to watch all these reports.. these people having a plan, know how execute, react on moves..way too complicated..

      The ZvZ healer view is completely underrated!!