Make trading crafted goods more profitable

    • Make trading crafted goods more profitable

      With the Merlyn changes moving items to refine can make a good amount of silver, but it doesn't seem like crafting got the same boost.
      First of all, there isn't as much of an advantage to refining in a bonused city vs crafting in a bonused city. Refining in an unbonused city gives 15/44% returns, while refining in a bonused city offers 35/53% returns. The bonused city refining bonus is even higher than a black zone town plot. Meanwhile, the unbonused crafting city offers 15/44% returns while the bonused city offers 25/48%. If you're using focus, there's only a 4% difference in resource return. As a result, it doesn't make as much sense to move refined resources between cities.
      Second, it's virtually impossible to fast travel resources between cities. The travel cost multiplier will increase the fee into the millions, probably more than your items are even worth. The same protection is not afforded for crafted items. I can make an item in a city with a crafting bonus and fast travel it to anywhere else for a small charge.

      1. Increase the gap between use of focus in a bonused city and an unbonused city. I understand that a straight buff would affect material sinks, so I would consider lowering the focus boost in cities that aren't bonused while at the same time raising the focus bonus in bonused cities. So for example, an unbonused city could have 15/40% returns while a bonused city could have 25/52% returns.
      2. Scale the travel cost for carrying large quantities of crafted gear exponentially. Ideally this will allow Joe Blow to fast travel with his set and a backup or two without incurring a massive fee, but if you want to move 100 knight helms that'll cost you. Yes, I know that you can "cheat" the system by moving items one at a time, but at that point it would probably be faster to just man up and haul it with an ox so you're not as clever as you think.
    • I do think there are oddities in the fast travel system (like the expense of gathering journals!). We have a weight metric already, but it doesn't seem to be used. Realistically, fast travel would take at least the following into consideration:
      • Weight
      • Volume
      • Fragility/volatility (more expensive packing)
      • Livestock versus dry goods
      • Royal tariffs/taxes
      • The captain's time and expense
      Would be cool if you could build your own merchant fleet to handle varying types of goods, and thus reduce the expense. :)
    • Piddle wrote:

      Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

      Yes, I know that you can "cheat" the system by moving items one at a time, but at that point it would probably be faster to just man up and haul it with an ox so you're not as clever as you think.
      What I'm saying is that you could carry 2, maybe 3 sets of gear at prices roughly equivalent to what we have now, but moving them in bulk will increase the cost exponentially.
      For example, exponential cost could kick in at 10 gear items, and the 11th gear item would cost significantly more, as would the 12th, 13th, etc. The "exploit" to that system would be to fast travel with 10 items at a time, but you would spend a lot of time running back and forth moving stuff 10 at a time, and you would still pay a fee. Whereas a quick ox journey across the yellow zones could move a lot more gear at once.
    • 10 pieces is far too many, any given market is affected by roughly 20-30 pieces.. if say you moved 3 times 10 pairs of soldier boots 30 boots may take 3-7 days to sell thus market has been changed for that amount of time for little cost or time

      Also the refine and craft rates changed a bit in queen i think - also focus in crafting isnt about return its about quality MP products are profitable

      and last - the profit in crafting can only be changed by a small set of factors 1 transmuting prices 'set by SBI' 2 crafting quality and bonus rates 'set by SBI' 3 taxes 'set by SBI' Resources spawn rates 'set by SBI' 4 taxes of plots 'set by players' 5 players working in the interest of creating profit 'players'

      5 is the big one every time a player undercuts another by 1 silver the price for the good is changed it seems small but in their rush to sell the gear faster 50 people do this and then only 20 people quickly buy 1 so the price is reduced by 30 then another set of 50 people try selling good fast repeat this until buy orders and sell orders are touching each other meaning no profit margins because buy orders are typically beneath price forcing crafters to use the bonuses alone to make profits meaning crafters create as many alts as possible to generate more focus 'a resources that creates more money that is seemingly capped but truly is an infinite resource more so than materials'

      A big note is the markets are about to be Shocked in a big way when queen hits, vast numbers of new markets will be created pulling goods out of the royals making prices far more varied, i wish the danger or time in transporting between royals would be increased honestly it would create more varied prices between royal cities. But i expect gear in demand on sale in the BZ will come at a premium cost. But moving it to sale could lose your haul...