2.8 mio pve fame per hour intended??

    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      Here is the video guide on a curse which did not work for the captain ..with 2.8 mio fame per hour..
      I really doubt he can pull that 2.8 mil - I'd love to see at least half hour of him killing these mobs, if not the full hour (it can be sped up, thats fine).

      The 1h Curse build I used was the one with Merc jacket - like the original Archer video posted by Berenike4 here: 50k fame 1 mob In 1 min - solo fame - low tier and yes I used Grudge too ofc with a Torch offhand...
      We can say "I did not optimize well enough" - sure, but Doffy's Druid Robe Curse build can get 1 shot by any newb on a donkey riding by in t3 gear, as he has no HP regain and messing up and getting stunned and then chain stunned = GG. Also he gets really low in every one of his fights (again - no HP regain option and no escape)

      So I say his video is a bit fake (the 2.8 mil/hr is a fake claim).

      Also I did not say I could not kill them with my 1h Curse build - just that its a huge pain in the ass (too much trouble) and its def not 2mil fame/hr as clearing mobs and skipping statues that cannot be kited (next to walls/cliffs) cuts down your fame/hr.

      TLDR: I actually really like @Owlsane 's build - as his is the only one that actually kills the Balls automatically, so you have less DMG and less stuns to worry about (I would assume Gfire is similar, but I have not tried that yet).

      Hollywoodi wrote:

      Regarding this one: ": asked guild, and they said they could only get about 600-800k fame/hr on these statues.."

      Mega Alliance guys or Arch or both?
      Small guild, 120 ppl total, usually 10-15 actives online. We own something like 4-5 terries.

      EDIT: Doffy says "2.8 mil/hr if you manage to kill them within a minute, which does not account for the time it takes to roam to find them (and he forgets to mention to clear the mobs around)" - then he gets downed by these things TWICE in his own video. Also out of like the 10 statues he filmed fighting, I only saw him killing 1, and getting super low on all other ones and cutting the video out before the statue is dead.... yeah sure.... 2.8 mil/hr...

      EDIT2: He films fighting the same 2-3 statues through-out the entire video (repeats the cuts) - and further says "while killing these I got knocked down 9 times and only killed them 3 times" GL with 2.8mil LMAOOO

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    • Well let's pull my build with doffy way of logic. Since i kill them in between 45-50s, without accounting the roaming to find them i do 3.5 mil fame/hour.

      But we all know it's actually impossible to put it in practice hence claiming "2.8 mil fame/hour is possible" is a lie and people being stubborn using the doffy logic are blatently stupid.

      But i'm willing to accept everybody proving me wrong with a real video showcasing somebody actually doing this for at least 30 min. That means, for a span of 30min he has to kill a least 28 of them to validate the theory of 2.8mil fame/hour being possible.

      Can't prove me vrong? Gtfo with your shitty lie.
    • @Funstealer every fucking time i make my rotation 30min later they are all back so basically i can do 1 hour non stop rotation (the 30min video is just here as an example of the potential number you can do if you do some in field experimentation) and yes they have their spawn for the day, basically allowing you to know where they are on the map if you scout one time. (and marking them in ao2d map)

      You can basically create a map of the spawn and making the most optimised rotation to waste the least amount of time possible.

      Now about pvp factor, nobody take this into account since it's COMPLETELY RNG based (otherwise we can all false claming every pve video for every content claiming fame/hour numbers). I add the fact that if other people fame them is also RNG.

      I'm faming them since they were live, i've made 14-16 hours of faming them in total hitting the 17-21 statues per 30min consistently. So my claim is quite accurate.

      EDIT : I even famed thoses statues in the middle of EU reset were blobs are everywhere. Maybe i'm lucky by not getting caught but still on thoses 17-21 statues per 30min

      EDIT 2 : made an 1 hour run, fucked up one statues (lost literally 1min) littles missteps but in the end 44 kills. (45 if not fucked up, prolly 48 without the missteps, unless insane spawn places rng that makes you can't do more with my build)

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    • Funstealer wrote:

      so just cause u killed 19 in 30mins at so and so rate for 1mill fame does not mean its 2mill an hour u gotta factor in the looking for more pulls, walking, doing 1hr none stop instead of taking a break, pvp factor lots of things
      right, but his estimate is much closer to the real numbers - instead of Doffy's "I show killing of 2 same statues for 10 min by replaying the same clip, then mention that I only killed 3 while getting downed 9 times - and now i call it 3 mil/hr"...

      And its not even Doffy who brought his video here - it was Hollywoodi
    • some further testing conclusions:

      1) this is a complete waste of time unless you are 400/400 spec or close
      2) Getting "lucky" with statue spawns (on certain maps?) can create false sense of "clearing them fast". While farming these in a desert zone... I almost went insane... the statues would spawn next to cliffs, double statue spawns, acolytes (or 2) + statue spawns, balls + statues... clearing all that shit was taking forever...
      3) Fire staff (at 0 spec) does seem to be the easiest, but still not worth it. I was wearing 6.2 gear (Great Fire + Mage Robe + Mage Cawl + Royal Shoes to dodge) and getting to a point of running out of mana or getting triple-chain-stunned by these balls... the fights (TTK = time to kill) was just taking too long.

      I was able to kill with 1h Curse + Merc jacket, because I have 80/100 spec... but 1h xbow or Gfire at 0 spec just sucks... even with 6.2 gear... the DMG is just not there and it just takes forever to kill the balls and they keep stacking up.
    • One comment just for not putting any pressure on people to get 400

      400 without GvG is nonsense. You don't need it.

      The difference between 100 and 400 spec is 60 IP on the weapon.

      60 IP pre quuen is on high IP 3% damage.

      One missed Q, one low reaction and it is compensated..

      With the removal of GVG screw the "400" need.. yes 100 spec is important, that gives 220 IP and that makes a difference..

      On top of that if you hg 2 e.g. and I go in on nature 100 masteries or 400 I have 2 more / less in the 3 stacks of q. 100 vs 103 hot heal. None of my fights are decided by this difference..

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    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      One comment just for not putting any pressure on people to get 400

      400 without GvG is nonsense. You don't need it.

      The difference between 100 and 400 spec is 60 IP on the weapon.
      Yes I will agree here. But getting as close to 100/100 spec is very important and its the difference b/w having to fight 4 balls or 5 balls (b/c one gets destroyed) and fighting for 40 sec to 1 min... if you miss a stun with 5 balls out (at the end of the fight ususally) - you end up getting chain stunned and downed... 1 mistake and its GG (at the end of the fight)

      Hollywoodi wrote:

      60 IP pre quuen is on high IP 3% damage.
      Isn't 60 IP = 6% DMG, because 100 IP = 9% (almost 10)? But regardless... 400 is not that important as 100/100 I agree...

      Hollywoodi wrote:

      With the removal of GVG screw the "400" need.. yes 100 spec is important, that gives 220 IP and that makes a difference..
      Yup. So doing these Status with low or 0 IP is worthless, unless you bring like 8.2 gear - which makes it worthless from a risk-reward perspective (esp cuz t8 gear is going up in price before new the buff in Queen).

      I was able to consistently kill these status with t6.2 1h curse in t6.2 Cleric Robe (pop that shield if I get knocked) and t6.2 assassin shoes (Dodge Roll) with Mage Cawl and 6.2 torch offhand to stack those Grudge stacks...

      but still the amount of Statues I had to skip due to bad positioning, 2x Acolytes in Range or constant 2x balls that spawn nearby (and if you kill them, sometimes they respawn within 10-20 sec) - does not make this conent anywhere near 2 mil/hr let alone 3.

      I'd say a consistent 1 mil/hr - sure... but thats the same as t8 solo dungeons or 6.2 maps...