Solo PVP sword claymore/Tranchante Dive Donjon

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    • The video is a very good example, of something broken in PvP or why some weapons are basically trash..

      The poster exploits the issue (and I mean that positive) that if u have mobility you can decide when to fight and when not

      Plus the out of combat regeneration..

      So if he gets low, he simply runs away and gets another try because some weapons don't have the mobility to catch up on dashes

      But even without that, vs. e.g. nature on thorns u don't even need a run skill.. after 1. Attack of nature if u just keep running (assuming both same run boots) u cannot be attacked any more.. on top you can adjust all skills and gear to perfect match as u will get out of combat

      And this is the case vs a lot of weapons, like fire, like xbow, like holy, ...