Low on food terri notifications

    • Low on food terri notifications

      Hey everyone, not salty or anything... not wanting to get the terri back, just interested in what might've happened.

      We lost a terri today due to it running out of food.. Because no notification for the 'Some of your terries will run out of food in <24hours' was displayed. However, now we're getting it every time we log in.

      Steps i've taken:
      - Looked at last time we fed it, it should have ran out of food around the time we lost it
      - Double checked all guild permissions to make sure no randoms could've dropped the terri
      - Logged in and out about 10 times, still getting the 'Your terries blah blah'

      What gives? :D

      edit: One idea is that the food ran out during maintenance or something.. This would mean that the 24hr treshold could've been met during maintenance yesterday and the message didn't get properly triggered.. no other ideas what might've caused this

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