Fame Boost Week

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    • Fame Boost Week


      I am curious as to why these dates have been chosen for the fame week, most of the people I play with and that I know in game will be very busy with family stuff during that period or holiday period in general,

      I play pretty much everyday 5+ hours and during this period will probably drop to nothing, fame boost or not.

      Are you trying to poach kids money from Christmas so they buy gold during fame week?

      Dumber dates couldn't have been chosen...


      What do you guys think? :)

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    • Are you trying to shame me for not having friends and family to spend the holidays with? Because that's what it sounds like.

      That's cold bro. What about a little holiday spirit for me? Maybe I need this fame week to make me forget how my heart has become a cold and shriveled rock, buried within my chest. The warm ray's of the sun's light may not ever fall on my face again, but I am for sure going to grind off some artifact crafting spec for Christmas.
      there s no piddle in the game. are you banned? are you a developer, an ex moderator or what? i asked the same before in another thread. what is your problem? afraid to reply.