Avalon Age Chronicles

    • Avalon Age Chronicles

      With the upcoming downfall of outlands, awaiting the rise of new outlands, Avalon Age is here.

      It turns out to be evil is at work in albion realm, that is not just my work.

      Other forces are responsible.

      Events worth mentioning will be written down in these Chronicles.
      Avalon Empire is my! empire.
    • bit by bit we get to know more about what these Avalonians actually are, and what they are up to.

      Not much good they have taken with them.

      They enforce their will upon the realm, take control of what they can get their hands on to.

      Only evil can be behind this.

      What's worse, they already gathered forces in even greater power with me, without their consent, is there no end to this evil?

      Predictions are, things get even worse from here.

      Avalon Empire is my! empire.
    • Avalon Age ends??

      No. You better know, that Avalon Age is here to stay as long as the Avalonians conquer territories for me. For me!

      Hah must be mistaken.

      Future of albion's citizens is in peril if not doomed when the Avalonian warmachine is a worthy ally for me.

      The Avalon tiger has teeth!

      Avalon Empire is my! empire.
    • And so, Avalon Empire showed up and showed some muscle.

      Faction Warfare is definitely heating up across albion.

      But keep in mind, Avalonians keep attention away from bigger schemes in progress.

      The forces of evil that albion has to offer, are my natural mindless minions.

      Skeletons, ghosts creeping around throughout albion and it's dungeons.

      Albion's hellgate guards.

      They all serve evil, and so they serve me.

      Avalon Empire, and Albion's forces of evil, they all lay down the path of a bigger scheme of evil and destruction.

      One big scheme is Faction Warfare, if done well, albion awaits evil times.

      Try to craft that spear without wood, you ironman !

      Avalon Empire is my! empire.
    • It appears Albion's citizens have shown their will to resist.

      In greater numbers they appear on the pvp-battlefield.

      Will it change the outcome of their fate?

      Avalonian armies definitely have gotten the attention of Albion's people.

      So the trick is working so far..

      Avalon Empire is my! empire.