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      Hi Guys wow a lot has change on Albion i played this game when it was close and open beta 2015 . Stop playing for a while and now im back for good. I did not know there was a wipe? could not use my name now but its okay. Anyway really impressed with all the updates and changes. and boy oh boy cross platform is really good. I hope to make in game friends and some good old veterans to advice me on some new stuffs. I will be playing maybe tomorrow with a new character and same name but with added letters since my name was taken. 8)
      master of disaster
    • SHARKY wrote:

      aranin wrote:

      I will be playing maybe tomorrow with a new character and same name but with added letters since my name was taken
      Welcome back!
      When the game cam out of beta and officially launched in 2017, all characters were wiped. Players that had a forum account had their forum name reserved, to use on their character. I bet the original sharky was pissed :D
      OMG so thats why my name well it was my fault too since i did not log in the game i think the entire 2017-2018 really regret doing that. Oh well I am gonna play now since it took me almost 5days watching guides on youtube and in forums just to catch up on so many new things in albion and i really like it. Maybe someday we can do a trade run together SHARKY. But i think when i get my farming and fishing up 60% of my game will be like that on my island LOL! Albion is really lit right now. DEV's making good updates. I hope they can buff up some PVE for players with a little taste on PVE specially those who want to play the gathering/farming/crafting/fishing path. All around the videos i have seen are really nice. Can't wait to play after the maintenance though LOL!
      master of disaster
    • BenaBun wrote:

      Hey and welcome back to Albion!
      Yes, the server was wiped during the official launch. You should still be able to claim any gold you purchased before that tho.

      The game has changed a bunch since 2015 and there is soon to be an update that is changing everything even more.

      Good luck out there!
      Hey BenaBun yeah i had it on a goofy account i mean when i played it I just made it to try the game and now i forgot that account and my forum account that is why i lost my name I really hope albion could release some inactive names like 3years no log in. But that is a longshot im just gonna add some characters on my name. I hope that guy who got my name i still active and enjoying the game! :)
      master of disaster