Red Zone Questions

    • Red Zone Questions

      I have a couple of questions about Red Zones. First I understand that it is full PvP so if I am not flagged for PvP and someone who is flagged for PvP comes up do I have to wait for him to attack to fight back or can I just preemptively attack them?

      I have also noticed that there are gangs of gankers sitting and waiting for people to come through gates. Is it really profitable for 5 -8 gankers to do this or I they just getting bored? I suppose another answer is that I just sometimes have really lousy timing.
    • yep, you can initiate PvP in RZ against a flagged player, regardless of if your flagged yourself or not.

      For your second question, yes, I think it ‘can’ be profitable if they get the right victim, say transporting a full load on an ox, but I’d think they do it more for the entertainment. Personally I think it’s lousy behaviour, but it’s part of this game and I wouldn’t call to change it They are, afterall, flagged as criminals and acting as such.

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