ELITE DUNGEON Weekend Speedrun Event!

    • ELITE DUNGEON Weekend Speedrun Event!

      This event has ended. For the winner announcement, see here.

      Hey everyone,

      Now that the Queen update has been deployed to the Staging Server, we are curious to see you play through Elite Dungeons and reward you for it! To find our how to participate, please see the FAQ below.

      These are Randomized Dungeons, which feature Avalonian mobs and bosses and are intended for a group of 10-20 players. In addition to the highest-value loot in the game, the final areas of these dungeons contain shrines that offer a week-long PvE Fame increase. Players can now obtain artifacts and shards from defeated Avalonian mobs which can be crafted into three different sets (cloth/leather/plate) of powerful Avalonian Artifact Armor.

      Elite Randomized Dungeons spawn in all T6-T8 Outlands zones. They can also be spawned by using Dungeon Maps.

      Get a group of up to 19 friends together (max 20 players per group) and log into the Staging Server. Fort Sterling, Lymhurst, Bridgewatch, Martlock, Thetford now have a free crafting forge in the center, where you can create Tier 8 gear sets for free. Alongside this, you will also find stones, which grant you Destiny Board unlocks and Elite Dungeon Maps. Use the Elite Dungeon Map anywhere in Outlands to reveal a hidden Elite Dungeon entrance. The time will start counting from when the first mob in the dungeon is hit, until the last player in your group receives the Grail Buff at the very end of the dungeon. All mobs and bosses in the dungeon must be killed. Getting assistance from other groups in your dungeon run is not allowed. Record video footage of your Elite Dungeon run and submit it in this thread in form of a YouTube link to qualify.

      Any edits or cuts in the video will disqualify your entry.

      This footage will also be studied by our Game Designers in order to improve Elite Dungeon mobs - so by participating, not only can you win rewards but you also help us balance the game!

      • Each player in the group with the best time will receive 3 Months of Premium Status
      • Every single submitted video will grant you a ticket. Tickets are per player; meaning several players from the same group can send videos recorded from their perspective and qualify for tickets. At the end of the event, we will do 20 random draws - the more tickets you collect, the higher the chance of winning will be. Each of the 20 random draw winners will receive 3750 Gold.
      These rewards will be granted to characters on the Live server with the same name as the ones you used in the recorded Elite Dungeon run.

      Elite Dungeon Speedrun Event lasts until Monday, December 16th 10:00 UTC. Videos may be submitted until Tuesday, December 17th 10:00 UTC.
      Elite Dungeon Speedrun Event lasts until Tuesday, December 17th 10:00 UTC. Videos may be submitted until Wednesday, December 18th 10:00 UTC.

      Best of luck and may the best group win!

      Elsa & Dev Team

      Staging Server FAQ

      Where do I find the Staging Server?
      Test server (Staging) can be selected under the server drop-down menu in the launcher.

      What is the Staging Server?
      Test Server is primarily to test new content. That also means that the available version can be unstable.

      HELP! I'm not receiving a device verification code on the Staging Server

      Please note that you cannot verify your device by connecting to the Test server. The database from the live server is copied every few weeks to the test server, so the only way for your device to be verified on the Test server is if you are verified on the Live server at the time the database transfer was made. I'm afraid all you can do is wait a few weeks until the next database transfer is performed.
    • What i noticed is...

      The monsters are getting "zerged" with 20 people. Stronger.

      Isn't it supposed to be 10-20 players? Why would the monsters get buffed on 15+ players ?

      EDIT: My bad, this was innacurate. Monsters aren't zerging. The HP oscilation was because of plate armor passive + Inccubus effect + Monster skills that raise HP

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    • Alves wrote:

      We did it,holly molly 2 hours of dungeon,if you guys make this doing shorter can be so much fun,the bosses are very hard of course the dungeon must be nerfed because do the dungeon in 20 people with 8.3 and take 2 hours to do it its not normal lol

      well all the footage is in live at twitch.tv/artista1 lets see if wecan take the video from the live
      our group is meeting tomorrow, but when i consider raid content.. 3 hour blocks is pretty normal.. used to raid in wow 3-6 hour segments on weekends but the rewards and fun have to equal out ill get back to u tomorrow on that.
    • This dungeon is very long its kinda nice but are the rewards worth it? not really. 10% fame buff for killing mobs for a week? come on you have to make it worth while for that.

      I suggest making the buff better like 20% buff for all fame no only mobs gives people more reason to go the then end alos you can get the buff with out killing the last boss xD
    • blappo wrote:

      our group is meeting tomorrow, but when i consider raid content.. 3 hour blocks is pretty normal.. used to raid in wow 3-6 hour segments on weekends but the rewards and fun have to equal out ill get back to u tomorrow on that.
      I don't know if it's just personal preference but compared to a WoW raid it felt like a huge slog after about an hour.

      I guess it just seemed a bit repetitive. The layout looks the same throughout the whole thing. You run into the same mobs at every part, even the 'bosses' guarding the different chests are repeated instead of unique. The mage boss with spinning telegraphs was pretty fun but the rest were fairly mindless stand and tank/spank and the trash mobs like the archer seem to just pick a person to permanently knock down/back to oblivion with no telegraphs and not much they can do about it.

      Also the rewards will have to be increased massively, the fame/silver rewards were pretty much non-existent and the 10% fame buff will be a nice allure, but in the current state it's not worth actually clearing for it, just run to the end with a bunch of people only killing the ball sealing the gates, then grab the buff and A out.

      I love the premise and I think it could be a quite fun activity, just in the current state it's not something I would expect people to do more than once for the novelty.