Queen Update: Known Issues (Testserver)

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    • Queen Update: Known Issues (Testserver)

      1. The Crystal League tab at the Energy Manipulator is currently blank. This will be updated with the correct Crystal League UI in a future staging version.
      2. Bank tabs in Royal cities were also affected by the item migration, meaning tabs were removed and items put into temporary recovery tabs. This will not happen during the actual migration, as only banks in the Outlands, territories, and siege camps will be affected.
      3. Only players (with reputation lower than -15k) that were left in the Outlands had their reputation adjusted to -15000 - in the actual migration, this will happen for all players with reputation below -15,000
      4. Cannot currently use the "retrieve all" option for recovery tabs in guild island banks
      5. Added 18 December: Mastery Modifiers currently do not affect Enchanted weapons as intended