Quality and overcharge

    • Quality and overcharge

      Was thinking it might be interesting if instead of a chance to trash, overcharge instead reduced the quality of an item by one level, with the exception of Normal gear, which is guaranteed to trash, and MP gear, which stays the same:
      • Normal -> Trash
      • Good -> Normal
      • Outstanding -> Good
      • Excellent -> Outstanding
      • MP (no change)
      I can see a few effects:
      • Players will use reroll more to get Normal gear back up to Good (so an increased silver sink)
      • Players will risk more MP gear in the open world (seems like a good thing)
      • Quality will gain value beyond simple IP (seems like a good thing for crafters)
      • MP gear will gain value (seems like a good thing for crafters)
      • Less gear will be trashed from overcharge (a bad thing, but trashing is currently a chance, and in this suggestion the reduction in QL would be guaranteed)
      • Overcharge will be used more often (not sure if this is good or bad, but either way it would tend to increase the value of energy)