Add an event tracker/alert system

    • Add an event tracker/alert system

      There are a lot of timers for content in this game. Castles, relic chests, treasure chests, avalonian mages, world bosses, war camps, etc.. In the future I am sure there will be more. I think there should be an event tracker/ticker/announcer that appears in the top center of the screen announcing these timers to help players keep track of them. This would be like a much smaller and subtler version of what pops up to announce who won the season.

      The tracker would pop up a short announcement of upcoming events or the results of major events on the screen with some small fancy graphics. Which pop ups you want would be fully customized in the settings so players aren’t bombarded with announcements they don’t care about. Black desert online has a similar Alerts system to what I am thinking about with customizable settings.

      As someone playing casually not in a big guild right now I forget when things like castles pop and end up in places I don’t want to be at certain times. I also sometimes get caught up doing other things and forget about things like the relic/treasure chests that I like to try and fight over if I am online. This event tracker would help me keep track of what activities I care about.