Possessed Sculpture does not reset summons when leashed

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    • Possessed Sculpture does not reset summons when leashed

      As far as I know, the Possessed Sculpture is the only combat entity that does not reset to its default state when leashed. Its summons will persist and stack (unlike other summoned mobs like bats).

      Is that intended?
    • I've checked again more carefully, and this is what I think is happening:

      - The summons do not immediately disappear upon being leashed
      - The summons have a far higher aggro range than the sculpture itself
      - So, it's very easy to re-aggro the summons (I couldn't even see the sculpture when they aggroed again, and I was south)
      - Once re-aggroed, they won't unsummon (naturally)

      If I stood still for a while, however, and went back, I did find that the summons had vanished. The wait time was a guess, I couldn't get close enough to see them vanish (otherwise they would aggro).

      On the other hand, if I killed the sculpture, leashed the summons, and waited, it looked like they would never unspawn (unlike bats).