Guilds aren't guilds, they're factions!

    • Guilds aren't guilds, they're factions!

      So, this has been bothering me. :) We call factions guilds in this game (and in others), but that stifles actual guild functionality: the uniting of similar professions across factions.

      We could have many, many actual guilds:
      • Mages Guild
      • Fighters Guild
      • Assassins Guild (yeah, I'm thinking of Morrowind! :) )
      • Mercenaries Guild
      • Healers Guild
      • Alchemists Guild
      • Farmers Guild
      • Explorers Guild
      • Knights Guild
      • Gatherers Guild
      • Crafters Guild
      And so on, perhaps with even more specialization (Ore Gatherers Guild, Guardians Guild, Smelters Guild, etc.).

      These guilds could be run out of the royal cities, and have their own effects on the game: memberships, policies, offices, ranks, elections, bonuses, even their own maps and NPCs you can only visit if you're a member, and maybe unique gear/skins. You could rank up by in-game accomplishments related to your chosen profession. Guild politics could influence factions and vice versa, adding a whole new layer of flavor to the game, which even if it were only a bit of role-play might be worthwhile.

      But no, Albion Online munges guilds with factions, like every other MMORPG I've seen. :(

      (And this is a rant because we're so attached to "guild" meaning "faction" I don't see that ever changing.)