Let us buy and sell derivatives

    • Let us buy and sell derivatives

      Albion Online has a very good economics system for buying and selling goods. It doesn’t have as much depth on the financial side. I propose SBI should create an Exchange in each of the royal cities which will offer a system for players to engage in financial activity with each other.

      We should have the ability to buy and sell cash derivatives on the Exchange. By cash derivatives I mean the contract is resolved with cash, as opposed to something like a wheat future which pays literal wheat.

      Albion tracks a lot of metrics. We should be able to buy and sell derivatives of these metrics. Any metric could be used. Season points, player kill fame, leaderboard results, auction house average prices, gvg wins, city gvgs, # of territories owned, etc. if you think blue army will end the season scoring at least 200,000 points, you could post a contract of 100 million silver taking the over position. Someone else who accepted the contract on the exchange would be taking the under position. At the end of the season the contract is resolved and the winner receives the loser’s money.

      Derivatives are used for either hedging or speculating. If you are in an alliance you might be worried about it’s continued success and your continued access to lucrative territories. You can hedge the risk of losing access to those territories by buying derivatives which rise as a result of your enemies success. On the other hand, If you live the life of the nouveau Albion riche you might want to speculate on the fortunes of guilds for fun and profit. Derivatives can serve all these interests.

      This exchange could also be used for other financial assets (like offerings of guild stock) but I’ve written enough for today, just food for thought.