My Fellow Solo Dungeon Divers

    • My Fellow Solo Dungeon Divers

      This is the only content that really exists for us looking for consistent 1v1 PvP situations. I see far to many dudes ruining this by adding the n+1 plague to these as well. Have some nuts and dive these solo like the rest of us true SOLO divers. The more you dudes zerg these you are just discouraging are prey from running them.

      To the Devs I think the fame may need just a slight boost to encourage more activity in these. Mechanics need to reviewed to discourage the simply run to end boss cancer. This playstyle is bad for PvE runners who run the dungeon only to find nothing at the end and obviously the divers since it is literally impossible to kill these guys unless you happen to see them enter and immediately follow. I realize these dungeons are probably the last thing on your mind right now but please keep it on your list somewhere.
    • Hollywoodi wrote:

      These dungeons are already dead in all but Mercia cause too low tier..

      I suggest to at least increase the tier of all of these by at least one

      Bz t3/t4 .. anyone ever does it??
      BZ t4 (there is no t3 dung, and in t3 zones - all dungeons are t4) is good for showing new players or new guildmates (who are new players) the ropes...
      Soloing T4 group dungeons I hear can yield upwards to 2 mil fame/hr... but of course super risky and I dont have a guide on that yet :P

      t5-t6 sRD are decent (600-700k fame/hr) if you are locked out of Cumbria/Mercia... some limited solo content on EU tz (divers or other runners) and pretty much a free farm on US night time.

      Can't wait for new Queen Update - where Martlock too will have t8 Black zones nearby...