Anybody else partially colorblind?

    • Anybody else partially colorblind?

      I am. And it really sucks when there is a lot of stuff (AOE) circles popping on the screen - especially in PVE... and once your health drops, the read hue gets added to the screen, its even harder to tell.

      To clarify - Im not complettely colorblind, I can actually see colors fine (by themselves), but I have issues with colors when they get mixed or there is a lot of things of different colors on the screen.

      Here are some examples:

      1. Mob AOE circles are somehow of like a yellowish (maybe light orange?) color. If that mixes with blue - they appear to be green? Or just super light colored, so I can never tell the difference b/w mob AOE and healer casting AOE "Salvation" (Fallen Staff). I've been so trained to escape "anything thats an AOE circle on the ground" - that our healers are always wondering why Im dodging their "resets". :(

      2. When green ghosts mix with the AOE circles... it also looks super confusing (In a midst of a decision making fight of course, when you only have split seconds). Green AOE = good, right?

      3. Finally: I cannot tell the difference between a mob icicle AOE (left AOE circle) vs the Healer's fallen Staff salvation spell (right AOE circle). Keep in mind - its easier on the screenshot. When all of this mess is constantly in motion ... its just impossible.

      Anyway - was curious if anybody else has or had similar issues? Maybe the AOE indicators should be made brighter and somehow better? Maybe enemy AOE would blink with red, or have a star outline inside of it? So its not just the circle, but the way it telegraphs would look different too?


      The faction flags could use some re-work too I feel like:
      (I was inside a yellow zone inside a "consensual PVP red-flag zone" - so obviously I ignored the player's color being red, as I figured we were just both "flagged" for PVP there and would just down one another, not kill, because his "purple" flag seemed similar to my Blue Martlock flag... and it mixed with combat effects and Scholar Cawl shield spell pretty quickly too...

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    • Some of suggestions to improve the visual effects:

      1) Making more (or better) contrast between the things that should be acting as an indicator (red enemy spells as well as enemy Faction flags)

      2) Maybe introduce a white (er?) and thicker border around the faction flags and make them a bit lighter (lighter blue - to be in contrast with darker purple), or even add a small outline of the faction symbol (like on the capes) to the faction indicator on the nameplate. Maybe make it a bit bigger? After spending 2 years in BZ - I dont even look at capes much - unless its something obvious like a Demon Cape. (actually all t8 cape variants are very easy to distinguish, too bad nobody uses them, and the t4-t5 variants are usually very hard to tell apart - at least for me)

      3) Maybe add some additional outlines (like pentogram style) to the Holy Healer AOE spells? Like some Holy symbols (or like "monk" looking)? Something that is simple and not too graphics intensive...

      Some ideas of monk looking symbols (from D3):…nk-Changes-Detailed-2.jpg


      4) Basically Im suggesting making graphics (or course man-power and optimization permitting) more "crisp" kind of like in Diablo III style or in DOTA/LoL style - in those games - even if there is a lot of "effects" on the screen - they are all very easy to distinguish.

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