Remains of EQMS [ARCH]

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    • Remains of EQMS [ARCH]

      What is left of Gluttony of SDS remains also known as EQMS? The sanction, where players prey for the comeback of Archersnon, or even Gluttony SDS. Who is the leader of [ARCH] here. I bet not all know about the history of EQMS nevertheless. At UO Outlands however it was just Gluttony of SDS seen as an character leader of EQMS, when nothing actually happened. Nothing else. He had a rival though, called Bobby123 at the lands known as forever.

      At UO Forever, EQMS and $ most likely destroyed the shard. EQMS and $ were the rival guilds, the top-notch of the shard, where EQMS shared the knowledge of quantity, where $ instead the skill. Long time ago also $ served as the champion of the Albion Online. Surprisingly Gluttony of SDS got permbanned from UO Forever, from his very glory of the domain of victory. Or even being dominant, because the rulers of the shard saw that power too. Yet before that such power was obtained by the Bobby.

      But then something staggering happened.. Gluttony of SDS moved to Albion Online, where [ARCH] was later formed from the ashes of EQMS. The mighty guild from the past of Ultima Online. Or from the very beginning, the era of $. Bobby, the Mighty God or $ no longer appeared in Albion. After Albion, $ formed the era of POWER within UO Outlands. The saga is within the hands of the Life-Binder, who rules the Light and the Shadow. Who ever is the Life-Binder?

      Today, we seek the true might. It is separated as the Light and Shadow that can't unbind the existence. What is beyond of those is yet unseen. The remains are untold.

      -Loreteller of Yours
      If you have the will to win, you will win.

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