Faction Warfare & Zerg Debuff: Issues Killing My Alliance Mates

    • Faction Warfare & Zerg Debuff: Issues Killing My Alliance Mates

      So because my alliance loves to fight for the sake of fighting we are often in the royals participating in faction warfare to make sure that moabirds don't go extinct on the market. Because I am the bastard that I am I wanted to go Drop a brimstone on their heads because I thought it would be funny. Well there they were perfectly set up in a nasty choke stacked up, a clappers wet dream BUT because I was still in there alliance I was subject to the zerg debuff EVEN THOUGHT I was flagged up for a different faction. Unfortunately most of them survived but I believe that more would have died if I was not receiving debuff from my alliance when I was not part of their flagged faction. I feel like this is an oversight on design and not intended so if SBI could get around to a quick fix on that it would be swell!
    • wow...an unintentional side-effect of the Zerg Debuff is that it also turned out to be "anti-ARCH", how clever...

      ...because ARCH is everywhere (even in the Yellow Zones, supposedly practicing FW) - they also get the Zerg Debuff no matter where they go.

      TLDR: if your alliance is so ridiculously large that you have 25+ people at any given time in any given zone (including yellows and blues) - the zerg debuff is working as intended.... hue hue hue

      :P and you thought being in the most massive alliance in the game will not have its side-effects? :P