Rewarding Milestones/Achievements

    • Rewarding Milestones/Achievements

      Give us something to work towards and show off progression/achievements

      It's great to see the new avatars & rings that can be unlocked by trading in unused monthly rings. However as it stands there are very few rewards for in-game achievements. We currently have an achievement list that offers no rewards and is very easily overlooked when completed.

      I suggest that new avatars/rings, and costumes/aesthetics are introduced that can only be obtained through achievements or milestones.

      For milestones having unlocks for reaching high amounts of fame within PVE, PVP, Gathering, Crafting etc.

      For achievements visit all zones, take control of X castles, Defeat all world bosses, Kill X Avalonians, Complete achievement list etc.

      Only a minor suggestion, but it'll give more things to work towards which is always a good thing.
    • +1 for this.

      In its current state it does not offer or change anything about the game. It's stats forgotten in Limbo. Where is the feeling of accomplishment?

      By unlocking an avatar when you obtain a new achievement, you can at least be proud of showing it. Plus, the options we have right now is limited.

      It does seem so difficult to achieve since all the avatars are already there!
      One could argue that avatars have to be "people face" but by relaxing this constraint you basically increase the level of personalization and therefore improve the immersion.