Are there any similar games that have an EU server?

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    • Are there any similar games that have an EU server?

      This is a great game, at least it would be if there was an EU server.
      Lots of noobs here will probably reply saying that ping doesnt matter, but it's scientifically proven that you're wrong. It matters.
      The easiest way to see it is when a warbow shoots that skillshot arrow. You can't dodge it if you're playing in EU. I can run to the side and the arrow will still hit me. The collision on my screen where you see the impact animation is hitting the air, it's hitting an invisible wall where I used to stand at. It's pretty far from me too, like 2 cm away, but it still hits me.
      So, I'm wondering if people here know good alternatives for this game? If you have any EU friends who chose to move on from this game.
    • Ttue and for people as me that are in Asia that's twice slower than in Europe to do not speak about Oceanic Area. Anyway is also the beautiful thing of Albion to be every one in the same world, the only thing they could do is to locate different areas in different servers but still all connected so then people that think to be good just because they ping at 30/40 they will see the reality.