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      Hi Commnity!

      I've been working on a script for getting item data (prices) from the API of Albion(Swagger) but in order get the info i need the Item_ID instead of the name of the item, for example:
      i got a new item called 'Mage Sandals' but i can't pass this to the endpoint of the API, so i look for the item in and get the ID item from the url-results that is T5_SHOES_CLOTH_SET3.

      i want to avoid searching for every single Item_ID, Is there any endpoint to list all ID of the items? or getting the Item ID in another way?
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      As stated in "The Albion Online Data Project", "Item IDs can be found in the formatted metadata, for use in the API."

      Link for formatted metadata on github:…aster/formatted/items.txt

      Link for "The Albion Online Data Project":

      Also, minor technicalities but "Swagger UI" is not the "API of Albion". As stated in the "Swagger UI"'s website, "Swagger UI allows anyone — be it your development team or your end consumers — to visualize and interact with the API’s resources without having any of the implementation logic in place." The API of the "Albion Online Data" is just called "Albion Online Data API" "Swagger UI" is just UI.

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