Happy Sunday All

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    • Happy Sunday All



      I'm RamRaid (a username I adopted many years ago for all online gaming) but my current main character in game is called "Celestiax"

      Recently I was looking for new games to play after the game i've been playing for almost 8 years, World of Tanks, became stale for me.

      I found Albion while searching for games which matched my original love of gaming, MMORPGs. This was the closest I could find to Runescape, where my memories of almost 12 years playing (haven't played it for 4/5 years) are still so fresh in my mind.

      So far i'm loving Albion, been around for a few months logging in here and there and learning by myself. I joined a (largely now inactive) guild many of whom haven't logged in for 5/6 months but I like the look of their cape so I just stuck by it for now.

      Good to meet you all, hope to find some friends in here!

      Ps. Once I get my claws into a forum, i'm here all the time :D I have almost 8,000 posts on the world of tanks forum.