Guardian Helms Needs Revamp

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    • Guardian Helms Needs Revamp


      This has been discussed in previous threads but I think it needs to have more attention. The curse class completely depends on slow ramp up damage by stacking DoTs and you allowed this helm in game than just instantly makes curse irrelevant. How does it make any sense to allow a defensive that completely removes 10 seconds worth of work stacking DoTs and cause the curse class to start over again? This is beyond a disadvantage in small scale PvP. Defensive's from what I can tell were meant for well timed ability mitigation while the guardian helm is actually a complete easy mode class destroyer. There should be nothing in the game that removes DoTs. Us curse players try to find ways around it but this item basically makes us take fights with one arm tied behind our backs. Please consider removing to the DoT cleanse from the guardian helm. @Retroman
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      It is just relevant for small scale.

      So a non Prio thing, there is more important in ZvZ balancing and 5on5 to fix which is the focus.

      Ironic off..

      Yes I think Guardian Helmet Change was stupid. It not only completely kills curse, it is even a fantastic group heal.. within one minute 2 people heal 50% of their life back up, while fully moving ...

      In fact after nature gots Fu** left and right, guardian helmet on 2 people heals same or even better in full kite as a nature on thorns and another person

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      Exactly. Having both healing and an ALL DoT removal in one helm ability none the less is insanity. If the Devs insist on having a DoT removal ability in game than it should ONLY be that and not have heal on top of it. Ideally though they just revamp the helm in some other fashion because once again any ability that removes ALL DoTs is just to strong against classes that are built around DoTing.