Pinned Server Issues, Black Screen & Can't Login Thread

    • I have been waiting for nearly a month for a reply to my ticket. I have attached all of the logs requested and the support team hasn't even come back to look at what I uploaded.

      I am running out of patience. I just recruited 2 more friends to play and we're all spending money on this game. If you're not going to provide support for your users I will quit. I shouldn't have to pay for a VPN to play a game because your team refuses to fix your server issues or even acknowledge my support ticket in which I've provided all the information requested and since then has been completely ignored.

      This is a shameful way for a company to act and support its paying users.
    • Hello.
      My problem is that the game client (android) freezes on the loading screen that says "connecting" after logging in. but after waiting, and im not kidding and rather pissed off, literally 6 hours, as i checked around some posts that i saw were from 2017 and people having the same problem as i have now, all the devs replied "just be patient" for example
      I have not found yet a single solution and everything i tried did not work. I have tried reinstalling several times and i hoped it would work after the update but no, i cant say i demand answers although i wouldve wanted to but i please beggeth for someone who has the solution to reply asap as i am very curious of how good the game is but i cant even make a character, the screenshot below i had made just prior of making this post
    • [*]HELP! my issues are:
      [*]Black Screen when zoning or logging into the game
      [*]Error Message when trying to login.
      [*]Been trying to log in for 10 times now and still the same problem.
      [*]In-game name: LaurenHarmony

      Location i was trying to zone in: Frostseep Ravine
      I am stuck in Log in to connection screen
    • Hello, i have a character that i cant login. when it finishes loading it turns black and only the cursor is visible then goes back to the caracter selection. it goes over and over. i was able to log back in once when it was inside the dungeon. but after finishing the dungeon and loading back to lewsdon hill it went back to the character selection again. and since that i cant login again. i tried to login to a different char in the same account and i was able to log into the other character.

      Character Name: Gailha

      In-game Location: Lewsdon Hill

      Problem: character selection>loading>black screen with only the cursor>character selection

      Please help. Thanks.
    • Hello.
      I'm issuing problems with albion servers, having 300-350 ping at some times (with a 200/200 Mb connection) which works flawlessly in any other game except albion.
      Usually when the servers are "good" I have between 90 and 120 ping.
      Do something --'
      Red is dead
    • Hi all,

      After zoning into to the 2nd floor in a solo dungeon got black screen issues. Restarted the game but the problem persisted. Then game started to disconnect me by itself. Logged back on, still black screen. Managed to Aout the dungeon, but black screen problem all over again. Ran to the closest HO, but the issue persisted when I tried to go inside. Now everytime i log in, black screen and game disconnects. Any ideas what's happening?

      Many thanks,

    • When i click 'enter world' nothing happens. my character just stands there with nothing happening. i am free to twirl and spin him till my hearts content, but id like to progress. this happening to anyone else?
      Thanks for the help.

      • Character name
      • FrankTatarinni
      • In-game location (ie. which zone you were in and/or zoning to when experiencing the issue)
      • Was to login and to use the AlbionLauncher.exe
      • Are you stuck on the connecting screen, character selection screen or login screen?
      • Can not do anything , even the game allows me to login or to solve the install