Pinned Testserver Patch Notes - Percival Patch 11

    • Testserver Patch Notes - Percival Patch 11

      Percival Patch 11

      Uncle Frost is Back
      Group and solo Keeper Randomized Dungeons in all T4-T8 zones have a chance to end in a special Yuletide Dungeon, where you'll face off against none other than Uncle Frost himself. Defeat this mysterious Yuletide foe for a rare chance to claim the Yule Stag Mount Skin and other festive loot!

      New Avatar Available
      A new Adventurer Avatar is now available at the Vanity Merchant for 3 Adventurer Tokens, which are obtainable by trading in unclaimed or already owned Adventurer's Challenge Avatar Rings. The Adventurer Avatar Ring is also available for 2 Adventurer Tokens. Visit the Vanity Merchant to check them out!

      Avalonian Mob Changes

      • The Avalon Archer's Hitpoints have been increased by 50% and her Fame has been reduced by 33%
      • After extensive fasting and meditation, the Avalonian Acolyte's "Incense" spell has grown stronger
      Combat Balance Changes

      Disarray (AKA Zerg Debuff)
      • Values and escalation for Disarray have been updated. For the new values and an explanation of the changes, please see this forum post: Disarray (Zerg Debuff)
      Arcane Staffs
      • Arcane Protection (all Arcane Staffs):
        • Duration: 4s -> 2s
        • Shield Strength: 169.59 -> 300.00
      • Rending Bleed (all Axes):
        • Now multiple players can stack the bleed on the same target
      • Axe Bleed (all Axes)
        • Healing Reduction per stack: 5% -> 4%
        • Damage per Tick: 5.2 -> 5.4
      • Exploding Bolt (all Crossbows):
        • Damage: 102.73 -> 130.00
        • Hit Delay: 0.4s -> 0.2s
        • Standtime: 0.4s -> 0.3s
      • Giant Steps (Forge Hammers):
        • Physical Resistance: 0.59 -> 0.35
      Holy Staffs
      • Sacred Pulse (all Holy Staffs):
        • Knockback Distance: 8m -> 12m
        • Cooldown: 10s -> 8s
      • Flash Heal (all Holy Staffs):
        • Max Stacks: 2 -> 3
        • Healing a target on Max Stacks don't give energy anymore
        • Instead Max Stacks triggers an AoE Heal on the target; healing up to 5 allies for 50 in a 5m radius
        • Base Heal: 48 -> 45
      Nature Staffs
      • Thorns (all Nature Staffs):
        • Getting hit by enemy players no longer consumes Thorns stacks
      • Spiritual Seed (Druid Staff):
        • Cooldown: 20s -> 25s
      • Iron Will (all Swords):
        • Now directly applies a Heroic Charge on you
      • Parry Strike (all Swords):
        • No longer silences enemies
      • Spinning Blades (Dual Swords):
        • Max Health Debuff now only affects unmounted players
      • Soulless Stream (Galatine Pair):
        • Cast Time: 0.9s -> 1.1s
      • Focused Run (Scholar Shoes):
        • Movement Speed Increase: 100% -> 70%
      • Mark of Sacrifice (Hellion Shoes):
        • Cast Range: 15m -> 12m
      • Pierce Through (Siege Ballista):
        • Cooldown: 10s -> 20s
        • Damage vs Mounts: 3% -> 5%
        • Damage vs Players: 1.5% -> 2%
      • Healing Sickness Debuff duration: 2s -> 5s
      • Zerg debuffs no longer apply to active GvG participants, regardless of how many allies are in the cluster
      • Updated the Guild Season reward brackets listed in the Rankings UI to display their correct values:
        • Crystal: 180,000 points
        • Gold: 60,000 points
        • Silver: 15,000 points
        • Bronze: 3,500 points
        • Iron: 1,000 points
      • T6 Morgana mobs that snuck into T4 dungeons have been kicked out
      • Fixed an issue where farm buildings could not be demolished after picking up a grown crop or animal
      • Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff): stun and invincibility now have the same duration, as intended
      • Additional numerous visual, animation, audio, terrain, and localization fixes
    • I'm very disappointed regarding the acolytes rework.
      You have done such a lazy work.
      What's the point of having hundreds of them in the map? Snipe you from miles and now they're hitting harder.
      I'd rather preferred to see them grouped in some kind of shrines with the archer's, with players fighting for more fame.
      At least queen's outland rework is approaching...
    • Let's see, since I've been playing (F2P):

      - Wanderlust was nerfed
      - Graveguard boots were nerfed
      - Scholar Sandals are being nerfed

      (And yeah, I left out Quarrier boots. :P )

      As a player, this is an annoying approach to balancing shoes! :) Maybe do a complete rebalance of -all- shoe abilities? Seems like what you're doing now is just moving the bottleneck around.