Fame increases your character's statistics?

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    • Fame increases your character's statistics?

      Fame is used for everything, to be able to equip, collect, create ... but I have the doubt if fame in general also increases the statistics of your character. For example. You gain 1,000,000 fame, then the damage is increased.

      this is true? Fame increases your character's statistics like experience/level game?
    • Not directly, but I would argue the roundabout answer is yes.

      For combat, spec will give your more IP that translates to more damage output, armor, hp, energy, etc. That will enable you to clear pve content faster and/or take on more challenging content with better rewards. That means making more money and fame in the same amount of time.

      For gathering, spec will increase your gather speed and chance of procing gatherer bonus extra materials. Gatherer bonus procs give you extra gathering fame. So you're getting through nodes faster and getting more average fame per node.

      For crafting/refining, spec makes it take less crafting focus to craft/refine each item. If you're only crafting/refining with focus, that means you can complete more items per day. More items per day means more fame per day.