<Locust Swarm> #1 GATHERING GUILD! Run by one of the top gatherers in albion. No Taxes! No Mandatory Donations! Recruiting gatherers, gankers, and economically minded players!

    • <Locust Swarm> #1 GATHERING GUILD! Run by one of the top gatherers in albion. No Taxes! No Mandatory Donations! Recruiting gatherers, gankers, and economically minded players!

      Locust Swarm is recruiting members! We're open to players with any experience level. If you're an economically minded player and you're tired of other guilds trying to take advantage of you with unjustified taxes and re-gearing policies that are conveniently forgotten when you need them then consider joining us! We regularly gather together and we're particularly in need of people interested in resource hauling, crafting, and high end gathering roles. We do occasionally do some ganking but we're not really involved in ZvZ content.

      My ingame name is PoorPeasant and I started locust swarm several months ago. I'm one of the top gatherers in the game and I'm always happy to answer people's questions and give people advice. I'm t8 in all tools and very high spec. (most tiers are level 80+, I'm also lvl 500/500 mining and quarrying). We don't have territories in the black zone but I can tell you for a fact that you don't need them. The top ranked gatherer in the game doesn't have any territories and neither does anyone in my guild yet we still often go weeks without dying. Playing without territories makes you a better player because you're not learning to count on them to keep you safe and we regularly outplay people that depend on their territories too heavily. We make billions of silver and I can teach you how to stay safe so you can make billions too.

      We're based in bridgewatch because that's currently the best geographically located city for gathering. It has access to 4 clusters of zones that have tier 8 and it also has far less competent gankers which means even though it has a lower enchantment rate than some other places, you'll still make much more money and level your gathering much faster than in the higher enchantment rate zones because you don't have nearly as much competition for nodes and you don't die as often. We have a guild island with crafting stations that are free to use and I have refining islands in all of the royal cities so you can take advantage of the high return rates in each city regardless of how high taxes are in the city itself.

      We have also have a frequent questions channel in discord that provides tons of useful tips and information that you won't find online.

      Even if you're a completely new player we can still find good uses for you. If you're interested in hauling you can make hundreds of thousands of silver per hour just hauling for me as I gather. We could also use more people for ganking (and we have some very creative and effective ganking methods that other guilds don't often use). We also like to do as our name suggests and swarm over zones and strip every resource in the zone out in a matter of minutes, Any tier of gathering is fine for that and the more people we have, the quicker we get done with each zone, and the less time gankers have to find and kill us. We'll need crafters to help convert our resources to gear and reduce the carry weight so it's safer to haul it to town once the queen update arrives and we can craft in the black zone as well.

      If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you then send me a message ingame @PoorPeasant or message one of my officers @9thRingOfHell, @ClearSpeed, or @BlakeBlane.

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