How can I be part of the round table? or how to get them an idea or suggestion?

    • How can I be part of the round table? or how to get them an idea or suggestion?

      Over time I have become more and more interested in the development of the game and improvements both for the individual players, as well as for different mechanics that complement the current ones, focused on the metagame, with the majority of people who commented, they like and believe that they are Good, so I would like to talk to a developer, and expose them, to receive criticism, or put them on the table

      So I ask, how to get in touch with them directly, or how to be part of the group of players who discuss this kind of thing? I have no interest in gaining power or anything like that, rather it is in search of improving the game.

      Well more than that, I don't have to say, I hope this post is read and answered shortly.

      Greetings Aviir. :D
    • Hey Aviir, it's great to hear you wish to become more engaged with discussions about the game. First of all, I want to clarify that any player is more than welcome to provide their feedback and suggestions in the aptly named Feedback & Suggestions forum section. We read every thread and forward your feedback to developers.

      The Round Table does not offer advantages in regards to making your feedback more valid, as any suggestions made there are placed under the same scrutiny as any other suggestions made on the public forum. However, if you are still interested in becoming a Round Table member, please see here for information on how to join.

      We're looking forward to your feedback!