Accidentally Deleted Chat Tab

    • Accidentally Deleted Chat Tab


      I accidentally deleted my General chat tab after reinstalling Windows 10 and then Albion Online.

      I've done this before and remember being able to reset it.

      However, this time when I tried to reset the tab under Game Settings -> Social -> Reset Chat -- It just deleted even more of my tabs. It gave me back General but then deleted Alliance, Guild, Party, Dungeon, or whatever else there was.

      Is there a way to get the original chat tab settings from when a person installs the game? I don't want to reinstall it and am just forced to manually add things back in currently. I could have swore there was a way to reset to the installed version.

      I tried Game Settings -> Social -> Reset as well as and that didn't change anything.

      Thanks for any help!
    • Hey there,

      when you reset your chat, it does reset to the default state which is General Tab, Help Tab, Recruit Tab, Trade Tab and Combat Tab.

      All other additional tabs are added automatically when you for example join a guild or a party, or are created individually.

      When you extend the small arrow on the left, you can customize your channels how you see fit.