[16 November 2019] Percival Hotfix 10.1

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    • [16 November 2019] Percival Hotfix 10.1

      Percival Hotfix 10.1

      • Added an additional spawn time for Avalonian Mage World Bosses. The bosses will now spawn daily at the following times:
        • 0 UTC
        • 4 UTC
        • 12 UTC
        • 20 UTC

      • Avalonian Technology was more powerful than previously expected, and several Acolytes were able to parachute onto the Royal Continent. We have rounded up these stragglers and shipped them back to the Outlands.

    • Idonthaveausername wrote:

      re-download the game seems to fix this. I heard leaving your island while having something being demolished is what causes the bug in the first place. I didn't check to verify since I don't want to have to re install again.
      Thx, i'd.. i'll wait on the none "support" (do not have acces to ticket but watching email)

      What u said is correct i was collecting my ressources i start the demolish went another island i came back still not demolish since then im not able to demolish anything without losing all my mats.. game breaking bug without any support nor fixes since weekss

      PS: any tricks for the error while loading ticket and the fact i cannot do new tickets?
      Edit: finally i tested few things; other characters/accounts same computer changed nuthing.. i tried my other computer took my main was able to demolish things, thx :) (if i have to uninstall AO i wont have the motivation to reinstall) :P
      PS2:"support" still shitty ;)

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    • KroDuK wrote:

      Meanwhile im not able to demolish without losing all my ressources on my islands, since 3 weeks+ reported it waiting, still nuthing.. game breaking bug.
      PS: even the ticket system is bug here; error while loading my tickets and cannot fill new one.. broken "support"
      Hi there, this should be fixed with an upcoming patch.