People stealing my loot ):

    • People stealing my loot ):


      I'm a new player (TierII)
      Every time I do one of this green portal dungeons. Someone else joins and opens the chest at the end. I did seven of those and not even once got the loot :( I don't get why I killed all the mobs and then at the end someone joins and attacks the boss and only he gets loot.
      Realy frustrated about this game to this point...Kinda feels I'm waisting my time

      Any advice?
    • I understand your frustration and I commend you for doing dungeons being only at T2.

      I presume you're doing dungeons in Blue zones? I've not been to a blue zone in a very long time, but I'm guessing with all the new players, the zones can be crowded. Also, the chest loot in those low tier dungeons is going to be pretty crap anyway, and simply clearing the mobs is way more beneficial to you in terms of progression as you earn fame to level up your gear. I wouldn't worry too much about the chest rats at this early stage. They exist in all tiers of the map, but as you progress up the food chain, moving to higher tier dungeons, the ratting gets less and less.
    • Try around the yellow zones. I sometimes do them when I don't want to be bothered with PvP so much and I find that sometimes a player might enter the dungeon with me but then they just send an invite and we do the dungeon together and separate afterwards. Some zones however you might run into some aggressive players but for the most part I haven't had much issues.

      You could also try the black zones once you get a bit more money and can risk some gear. It can sometimes depend on the time of day and what zones you choose to fame farm in. Look for quieter zones such as Tier 3 and Tier 4 black zones. The Tier 3 zones by the way have Tier 4 solo portals in them.

      Usually the most dangerous part is getting out of the portal zone. Once you make it to the tier 3 and tier 4 maps it tends to be more peaceful aside from a gatherer or two.