G-R-C-T International Recruitment is now open.

    • G-R-C-T International Recruitment is now open.


      G-R-C-T, which stands for Gatherer-Refiner-Crafter-Trader is a gathering-crafting-merchant guild founded on May 20 2019. It's made mostly by people from Poland, but we decided to open our doors for players from other countries too.

      We're mostly gatherers and crafters, but of course we can't do this all the time, so from time to time, we're going for some FF, HCE or HG. Most of PvP activities are organized by our alliance friends - [DONT]Touch Me and some of us sometimes goes with them too :). Also, we have trading deal with them with which we have many profits.

      If you are, or want to be gatherer and crafter, G-R-C-T is a place just for you.

      What we can offer as a guild:
      - Good atmosphere.
      - Nice people with little crazy sense of humor.
      - Help with growing in your choosen profession.
      - Islands with workshops in all outer cities (T6-T8).
      - Guild island based in Lymhurst.

      What we can offer as a member of [DONT]Touch Me:
      - Daily activities, like Fame Farming, Hellgates, Gather-Ganking, Ganking, ZvZs, City Fights and more at almost every time of day (we have people from different time zones).
      - Trading deal which allow our ppl to get cash for crafting specified gear directly for our alliance members, so you'll know what to craft to earn cash without risk that your items are not wanted in market.

      What we require:
      - 18+ (if you're not 18+, convince us that giving you a chance will not be a mistake).
      - English or Polish speaking person.
      - Being absolutely sure you want to join GATHERING AND CRAFTING guild (to not be suprised like "Why everyone here is only gathering?").
      - Being funny when it's time to be funny, but being serious when it's time to be serious.

      Of course if you are more PvP oriented player, you may be willing to join our friends guilds from [DONT]Touch Me alliance.

      If you're interested, apply in game, or send me pm on forum.

      Best regards
      G-R-C-T Guild Master
      Fiber Gethering T8 | Ore Gathering T8 | Wood Gathering T8 | Hide Gathering T8 | Stone Gathering T8

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