EAC thinks AURA lights system is a cheat

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    • EAC thinks AURA lights system is a cheat

      Hello Albion Online!

      I tried to get back to the game after a while, but was unable to do so due to the EAC software you are using (EasyAntiCheat). Software created by my fellow Finns... And which was later sold to Epic Games for millions and their owners earning millions of EUR according to our tax system.

      To short it I have a custom PC made by myself and using light effects in real life that are using software like AURA. Unfortunately EAC thinks that AURA software is some sort of a cheat because of the DLL files within Albion Online. From the EAC website I can find Sandbox Software logo.

      Well, here is the thing: I tried just to test out Albion Online again if it was my game... I backed Albion Online before its start as a Legendary Founder, so I find it silly enough to not get into in-game.


      You don't even have to have the full program installed to have this issue. All I have is the AURA service to control the MB lights from the BIOS. But as I discovered, the LightingService, which is the culprit, is running all the time in the background. Now I have to disable this service to run any game that uses this idiotic Easy Anti Cheat software. The Easy Anti Cheat developers need to fix their junk software. It's not ASUS's fault in this case as far as I'm concerned.

      I have a Custom PC by myslef that is using AURA and therefore can't play Albion Online.. It's kind of a silly thing...Fix this please! I'll make a ticket to EAC as well about this.
      If you have the will to win, you will win.

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