Hi, I'm new. It's nice to meet you.

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    • Hi, I'm new. It's nice to meet you.

      Hi, I'm new. Well, kind of new I guess. My first interactions with Albion online were....tenuous at best and very short lived. I really couldn't get into it the last time I played (Which, if I recall correctly....was awhile ago ?( ). ANYWAYS, I've returned and actually given the game a fair shake. I absolutely love the freedom and environment of the game this time around! Having just come out of a short stint away from MMORPGS, now is the time for me to dive right in with fresh eyes.

      My next move is getting familiar with the community and meeting all you lovely people. To start, I'm looking for a new-player friendly guild that I can pester rely on to answer my abundance of questions that watching countless guide videos just can't cover. See: New Player Looking For Guild for all that jazz. I'd also be happy to meet new players like myself that want to group and go do some PvE of PvP content as well, just hit me up (Lorics is my ign too :thumbup: ).

      Oh, right, one last thing. A quick blurb about me...I'm in my early twenties, do college/work life stuff, been playing MMOs in general for nearly 8 years and I love whiskey. I promise I'm not that exciting, but you may hear some interesting stories so fair warning.

      On the real, it's nice to meet everyone and I hope to make the most of my Albion online experience! (Discord info available upon request, in case ya know, anyone wants it *Shrug*)