In seek of long term relationships with station owners in all cities. Specifically item crafting and refining with rates <= 30%

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    • In seek of long term relationships with station owners in all cities. Specifically item crafting and refining with rates <= 30%

      In a perfect world I would prefer to work with a single vendor across the entirety of the map. But realistically I am simply hoping to avoid the time and effort involved in needing to communicate with dozens of constantly shifting individuals. My main goal and focus, is to reduce the economic friction in my supply chain. Currently, when rates are unacceptable I just continue stockpiling resources until the winds of change see fit to bring about more acceptable circumstances, or the savings justify my own purchase of a plot. I am not really interested in owning and running plots though, and would much prefer to leave that sort of thing to the people that enjoy it.

      What I do enjoy is the logistics, and profits, of crafting on a strategic scale. 90% or more of my time in game revolves around resources and crafting. Currently I have 4-6B silver in raw and refined resources floating around the world. A figure that ignores the resources that I have currently stored in journals.

      What I expect from you is a relatively fixed and competitive rate on using your stations. I don't need it to always be the lowest. One of the things I am trying to avoid is the time spent checking an entire city's station's rates every time I have a mammoth full of resources. I am not price sensitive up to about <5% and will remain loyal. I want you to make money so that you stay in business and I don't have to bother with finding another person. I do value the shortest distance to the Travel Planner, but since I mostly do large volume the extra travel time to the edge of the map isn't that huge a deal.

      My priorities are currently T7+ Warrior/Mage/Hunter stations. Followed by refining bonus stations and Toolmaker. Then finally non-bonus refining and everything else.

      What I am offering is exclusive usage rights from me for those stations I am getting an associates rate AND preference for your stations in those cities where the rates are already below the threshold. So if you are spotting me an associates rate in Lymhurst on a Mage station, but I am refining wood in Fort Sterling, I will use your refinery in Fort Sterling even without a preferential rate (within reason). I am also willing to keep my crafting to weekdays or non-prime hours, so as not to use up capacity that you can get a better rate on, if you require, or any other reasonable requests.

      You aren't going to get a day to day boost in income from me though. Because I tend to move around based on current circumstances and goals. You are more likely to just get a pleasant surprise now and then in the form of a much larger pile of silver that day, than you had expected. The more help you are to me, the more help I can be to you.

      The best way to contact me is here on the forums (through a conversation message) or with in game mail. There is only about a 20% chance I will see a whisper unless I know someone is trying to get a hold of me, as I have them turned off on most of my chat tabs. I'm also considering not auto declining all friend requests going forward. I only need my main Piddle listed right now, but I'll eventually want to get all my alts under the same guild umbrella.

      Tell your friends! Tell your family! Bigly business to be done.
      Discord: Piddle#7413