Forum Captcha / Poorly implemented?

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    • Forum Captcha / Poorly implemented?

      Can we please have a discussion about the captcha to login to the forums?

      I sometimes have to go through several, 5+ captchas that are extremely slow loading/not performant, to login. This is beyond annoying X(

      Yes i have UBlock & Firefox set to disallow tracking through HTML5 canvas, which is probably the primary cause of this overzealous captcha and no I won't turn if off, you literally are the only ones with a forum where i experience this out of 10+ ones i use daily. I'ld rather just go bye bye AO Forums if it doesn't get changed.

      SBI I hope you do realise you're turning people away from even bothering with your platforms and the community by forcing these things onto paying customers. I sometimes just close the browser and go "fuck AO" and turn my attention to other things, it's literally a cause as to why I have negative associations to AO :cursing:

      My suggestion is to remove captcha req. from accounts that have premium active as it's not an MFA sec. feature anyway. It's purely a method to avoid bots running rampant and it provides literally jack all in terms of account security.