Red Zones -> Black Zones?

  • Red Zones -> Black Zones?

    I really don't care what color you call the zone, but the zone would be a step beyond Red Zones in regards to PVP.

    Imagine it as a red zone with no protection on guild territories. So the territory can be claimed at will by those around it, those passing through, and even a solo player who happened on an unprotected territory,

    The resources in the territory can only be claimed by those who own the territory but if the territory is not defended then anyone can possibly take the territory and harvest its resources.
    Ideas for Claiming the Territory:
    Thinking of something along the lines of a 30 minute timer or the completion of some event related to the territory, such as clearing a dungeon or touching x number of pillars.
    Adjacent territories play a part in the event as well. If the owner of the territory has adjacent ownership then for each adjacent ownership x number of pillars are added and the monster levels in the dungeon increase. Or x time is added to the timer. This way area ownership plays a part in protecting your area but you are always at risk for losing any location from anyone.

    Being in the territory has no protection benefits - so no magical barrier keeping all enemies at bay while you taunt them from inside. Instead you still harvest in fear, maybe even more so since they know where you likely are.

    I would like to see some more 'real time' engagement to territory wars instead of "in 19 hours you will need to defend your territory against, xyz, Get your players read" and "in 18 hours ...... ".

    It may pull larger guilds further away from 'soft' zones and allow them to engage each other more often allowing smaller guilds windows of opportunities.
    It can add real time PVP with a purpose other than hunting zones, looking for kills.

    Smaller guilds will be at a disadvantage to larger ones in engagements, but this could be offset with larger guilds opening territories in Yellow/Red zones in pursuit for 'Black' zones.

    Just an idea that's forming - Looking forward to any thoughts and idea's on the matter.
  • i think that its not entirely bad idea, i think instead of making a whole new zone it could be partially done in the current red zones. I hate that 20 hour crap to defend your territory its just too long and drawn out. With the barrier thingy, i think that would kinda suck to anyone that isn't part of a 50+ ppl guild, i mean a zerg would roll in and you would be defenseless.

    Anything to help draw more PvP is what this game needs, i swear its been heading towards runescape 2015 days were they killed of their pvpers and now are left with a bunch of areas that are empty spaces and waste of dev's time.