Remove "Looking For Group" channel to emphasize "Party Finder"

    • Remove "Looking For Group" channel to emphasize "Party Finder"

      Party Finder already exists and is a properly functioning feature that simplifies finding a party. As far as I know, people only go to LFG channel because not many people use or even know that Party Finder exists. I don't see a problem with it and I think if everyone uses it, it would greatly simplify the LFG process and give people looking for group more accuracy in terms of information (party purpose / see others' equipment / IP / roles needed / number of people / description for which zone and city / etc) so that they don't have to ask questions and can compare and choose a group they prefer.

      If the extra information is problem (equipment / IP / number of people / etc) for whatever reason, maybe an Anonymous option can be added.
      If potential ganking is an issue, just don't put the map in the description. Generally in LFG channel, the form "LFM - <role> - <flagged?> <zone> @ <city>" is used. If anyone were to use this feature for ganking, it would be the same as using LFG channel for ganking.
      If the Interface is an issue (needing to create a party before being allowed to browse?), then I think it would be worth more to fix that than having a feature that nobody uses.

      If there's anything wrong with Party Finder other than "not many people uses it", feel free to correct me. I think that if there's something people don't like about Party Finder that prevents them from using it that I don't know about, it should be fixed/changed quickly because I think the Party Finder feature would make everybody's lives a bit easier (no more spamming in LFG channel) and more interesting when looking for groups.

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