Looting rights in solo dungeons

    • Amoebius76 wrote:

      Hey there!

      So, looting goes like this (assuming there are two players/parties):

      Loot goes to the player that dealt the most damage to the mob. So silver/lootbag or the lootchest if it was a dungeon boss goes to the player that dealt 51%+ damage to the mob.

      If both players are not flagged for PvP, then the loot has a 2 minute loot protection, to ensure it goes to the player that earned the kill.

      When the player that did not get the kill is flagged for PvP, they can circumvent the loot protection though. That means, in the black zone, there is no loot protection as everyone is automatically flagged for PvP.

      Deadrino wrote:

      So if someone in plate comes with the intention to take the boss there is nothing you could do except killing him
      Having the aggro during the death of the mob does not automatically give you the loot, if you didn't to the most damage to the mob.

      hypnoticshadow wrote:

      That's how for example people doing hellgates in blue zones steal the portal from you
      The same applies here. You can take the aggro off of the other player, but as long as you didn't do most of the damage, you will not get access to the hellgate.What's different with hellgates is, that it always goes to the "did most damage"-party, no matter if someone is flagged for PvP.

      If you have documented situations that contradict the current loot mechanic, feel free to let us know.^^
      Ok thank you for the answer, this helps a lot to understand the mechanics. So for example in a 2v2 hellgate mob case if woth on crossbow i snipeshot the mob dealing more than half life damage then I can just sit and wait right?