Job Offer: Island Manager(s)

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    • Job Offer: Island Manager(s)

      Are you looking for a job on albion, something that makes easy and good money?
      Come work for me as island manager!!

      I have 2-3 islands full of T8 labourers, As of last month I've been super busy at work, and dont have the time to feed them daily anymore..
      I offer some more silver than other players doing this, cause the revenue of my houses is bigger than most of their lower tier houses & I need some1 who can offer more collateral than a fresh starting player.Lets s
      Lets say i'm giving you 87 labourer book a day- about a 10-11M value in books alone- so i need 10-11M collateral.

      I'm paying 750K/ day for you to feed my 87 workers divided over 2 guild islands
      If you run them 7days a week, I'm giving you a 1M bonus every week
      So you make approx 6M/week for max 10 mins of your time every day. (Bout 6M for max 1 hour of ur time per week - best payed job in albion)
      All guildislands are located in caerleon btw so you can do it on an alt if you want, all u need is an ox/mammoth/other carrying mount and about 10 minutes a day(MAX 10 minutes)

      1st island: The resistance: 42 tinkers & 21 Fletcher
      2nd island: Lost Angels: 24 Fletchers
      (Possible 3rd Island: Milkfarm: 33 Blacksmiths - if i can get perms changed I will offer you more $$ for these 33 more workers that will need to be fed books)

      Hit me up if interested:
      Shanti#9747 (discord)
      Shanti/Shablix in game
      Forums might take longer for me to see ;)

      Kind regards & hope to hear from you guys

      Oh yeah: In past I have been offering this service alot, but my old book runners have quit the game or are on break atm.

      Old runners: