Ambient Audio Increases Over Time

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    • Ambient Audio Increases Over Time

      Heya, just wanted to report a bug I've noticed for a while. Me and my friends/guildies all notice this issue, so I figure it's worth mentioning in case it isn't well known.

      If you stand around, AFK, idle, duel, or just in general stay in the same City zones (Bank, Marketplace, or open city area) for an extended period of time, the Ambiance sound of the game gradually increases in volume to EXTREMELY high levels in comparison to your settings.

      Changing zones in any form seems to reset this. So if you're constantly going between Bank, Marketplace, and Open City, it's not really noticeable.
      If I had to guess/ballpark a time-frame, I'd say it starts becoming somewhat noticeable after around 10-15 minutes with heavy notice-ability by 30-50 minutes.
      It has been discernible even from casual dueling in marketplaces for around 15 minutes, so I definitely think it's something that could use some addressing.

      It's very minor obviously as it's easily avoidable. But I've noticed it for a long time now (months?), after leaving my game running for any decent length of time in these zones, so I wanted to call it out :)

      It definitely doesn't happen on Guild Islands at the very least, and I don't believe it happens on Personal Islands either.

      Hope it's something that could resolved at some point, as it is a tad annoying coming back to the sound of deafening crickets when I go to run an errand :thumbsup: