why are dungeon scrolls so expensive?

    • why are dungeon scrolls so expensive?

      What are the dungeon scrolls for? They seem massively overpriced.

      I just ran the following scroll dungeons, and got the following rewards...

      T5.1 scroll (80k buy order) And got ~120k in loot
      T6.1 scroll (140k buy order) and got ~300k in loot

      Of course rewards are random.. but I've run normal world-spawn T5's I've run across and I typically net more than this.. and rarely i've even seen 1.2M silver loot items in regular T5s.

      Plus, I can chain run T5/T6/T7 world spawns fast, because i just ride to the next one and dive in... wheras the scrolls require running to the spawn, and I don't want to risk carrying a bunch of expensive scrolls on me to do more than one in a row.

      What in the world are these dungeon scrolls for? And why are people paying so much money for them?

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    • Depends on where your priorities fall between making money and faming up. If you have enough silver and will be doing dungeons anyway, a map is better value than buying tomes of insight. There is enough rng and general variance in loot rewards that it's hard to quantify how much better the loot is on average, but it anecdotally feels like you do at least recoup some of the map cost in better loot/silver than normal dungeons. I'm not a fan of chaining maps though because having to cross multiple zones will kill your fame rate. Better to lead off with a map and then follow that dungeon up with chaining standard dungeons in the same zone until you are ready to bank.